About Cheeky Bites

Balanced meal for a balanced mind.

We started Cheeky Bites Catering, “The catering with a TWIST” in 2013 with a commitment to making delicious and nourishing food. Every day, our team of chefs, executives and drivers are preparing, planning and delivering delicious meals all over the Sydney area with the belief that a balanced meal can lead to a balanced mind. Our excellence in quality products, the taste, extravagant food décor and the freshness of the food with an innovative concept are the major factors that makes Cheeky bites catering the star it is today.

Delicious food and excellent service is the key to our success – and we take pride in making you look great, too! Our goal is to provide a casual dining experience, great quality food and service at the venue of your choice. Using healthy cooking principles as a foundation and adding the endless supply of local ingredients, our chefs create dishes that are simple yet elegant letting the essence of the star ingredients shine through. We work to deconstruct recipes, reinventing and fusing them with the globally inspired dishes to create a visual and taste combination that enlivens the senses.

“We pride ourselves on honesty, cleanliness, excellent conduct and ethical adherence to the catering business systems which guarantees safe, consumable food to the public.” Entrust your event to an established company which guarantees to make it unforgettable. We aim to provide you with the best, not just through our quality food and our dedicated service team, but also through our creativity, our passion, and our ability to source the finest elements that constitute a memorable event.

What is the “twist”?

Catering with a “twist” is the culinary and architectural focal point of the Cheeky Bites Catering, boasting a history as rich and colourful as its exotic menu. Harking back to the days when spices were traded as precious commodities across the sub-continent and beyond, dishes are infused with the treasured tastes of the east, focusing on European, South American and Mediterranean assents are paired to create arresting flavour compositions.